Sunday, April 21, 2013

Quote of the Day

From author and blogger Larry Correia at Monster Hunter Nation:
One of the cool things about whenever I post a Hate Mail post, within a day or so I get to post a Hate Mail Response to the Hate Mail Post. Fisking one moron inevitably attracts more morons, in a sort of perpetual moron cycle. (I am secretly hoping to someday learn to harness the friction energy created by liberal handwringing, which I will then sell for billions because I am a capitalist, which will cause even more liberal handwringing friction, as they demand the profits from my liberal handwringing machine to pay off their student loans).

It appears some lefty has decided to take on Larry's claim that Hitler's National Socialists Party was NOT socialist.  You see, the public education these kids get today teach European politics as right vs left. 

Now follow the logic: Since "left" is commie and zGermans fought the Soviets, then that must mean the Germans were "right-wing."  And we also know that George W. Bush was like Hitler because our public school teachers told us that too.  So... Hitler must have been a neo-con who must have cut taxes, been pro-life, and been really really stupid.

Read any book in our Library to the left here, and you'll learn that the Europeans, both East and West, were f**ked last century.  There was no Libertarian-Conservative-Republican movement to be found there.  You either get a dictator who commands the nation's industry for his end goals, or a dictator who nationalizes the nation's industry for his end goals. 

Larry's argument reminds us of shooting sporting clays last week with Zhukov where one clay pigeon came out of the machine and hovered seemingly right if front of my shotgun barrel.  It was almost not fair.


Anonymous said...

White Feminist Woman at Georgetown University working in the admissions department openly admitted that she REJECTED white men's applications simply because they were WHITE MEN.

Brief: A female advisor in the admissions department at Georgetown University has been caught openly admitting that she committed the CRIME of discrimination based on people's race and gender in the application process.

This has the potential to create a large scale lawsuit against Georgetown University, and with the momentum building at the rate it is building, seems very likely that will be the outcome.

Below are the main links to all of the information regarding this news story and case.

Karl said...

Thanks for stopping by Comrade Anonymous!