Sunday, January 06, 2013

Purchasing Power

Our Dear Leader is teaching us all kinds of new terms.

"Stimulus" was the first.  Then "Right Wing Extremist."  Then "Death Panel," which is not part of ObamaCare even though it is.  "Balanced Approach," "Back From the Brink" and "Summer of Recover" were some of our favorites.  And don't forget "FORWARD" comrades!

The term du jour (actually l'année) is "Purchasing Power."  You won't hear him ever say these words, but you'll hear every shopper mutter them in the coming days.

Economist Marc Faber said back on October 31 (Video.  See 13:35 mark):

The purchasing power of the US dollar has gone down by 98% since the introduction of the Federal Reserve.

And it took more than 100 years for this to happen.

 The next 99% loss in the purchasing power of the dollar could happen in ten year's time.

We learned the term "Purchasing Power" when we researched our recent article on Inflation.  Click over to American Thinker to learn more, or close your browser now and keep your head in the sand.

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