Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New Book: Enjoy the Decline

As you know, we have a new comrade: author and blogger and hat owner, Aaron Clarey.

His latest book is called Enjoy the Decline.

His announcement.

Available at Amazon: Click Here to get your copy.

Clarey joins a growing chorus of folks who see a major bubble popping in the near future.  It has many names:  Entitlements, the Dollar, the Debt Bubble, or what we recently wrote about - Inflation.

A new world is coming and there is nothing you or I can do about it?  Clarey suggests we might as well get our heads straight and enjoy our new reality.

Both I and Catherine the Great helped Clarey with his proofreading, so we've read about 25% of the new book already. 

It is that good.

Enjoy the Decline is a fun read.  Clarey doesn't pull punches with those who have created the bubble.  He explains to the reader exactly what they have done and their flawed motivation.  This was not something new to us, but it is a fun refresher that reinforces our belief that ideology trumps all else.  Liberals will perform an abortion on the alter at their own church, disarm an inner-city mother, and steal from someone who worked while they slept in.  (These aren't Clarey's words - we're just inspired by him and going off on a rant here....)

Enjoy the Decline will save you money!  Can you imagine the lines for ObamaCare psychiatric help when entitlements are distributed based on actual tax revenues rather than what was promised?  How will the Wall Street crowd react when the Fed stops sending them $85B a month to prop-up the stock market?  How will career-minded people who've invested heavily into their academic and professional life accept a high-tax low-pay job market?  Read this book and you will be ready.  Read this book and you will have a winning attitude to take the coming collapse in stride.  Read this book and skip the coming depression, both economic and psychological.

It is even rumored that our Commie Obama Hat is mentioned in the book....

Here are a few paragraphs from chapter 11:

Better People, Better Lives

The benefits of having higher-quality people in your life are obvious. If you have intelligent friends, you will have better conversation. If you have interesting and eclectic colleagues you will have a more interesting career. If you have a hotter spouse you will have a better sex life. And if you have a stronger character you will have a better family. In general the higher quality of people in your life, the higher quality life you will lead. But the added benefit of having good people in your life is that it strikes at the biggest weakness of leftists – envy.

Understand at the core of leftist ideology is the concept of equality. We can see this in the left’s demand to constantly redistribute more and more income, and there is no doubt in anybody’s mind that deep down inside most leftists would love nothing more than to achieve 100% equal income distribution. However, the left’s desire to make things “fair” doesn’t stop with income and wealth. There are other instances of inequality in life. Intelligence, prestige, skill, looks, strength, talent, etc. Even things that do not speak to a person’s character or intelligence is deemed “unequal” such as height or race or sex. And if you go beyond the left’s fiscal ideology and look at its social ideology, you can see they are actively attempting to make things equal in these non-financial aspects as well. “Fat acceptance,” not keeping score at little league games, the elimination of “he” and “she” in the Swedish language, etc. In short, they wish to eliminate ALL differences between ALL people.

The problem in doing so is that you eliminate the individual. And individuality is what makes humans the most cherished things on Earth. The reason leftists pursue the elimination of individuality, however, is because they’re afraid of being inferior. Sadly, all they manage to achieve in surrounding themselves with boring, equally mediocre, like-minded people is a boring, equally mediocre life.

It is only logical then what we can do to get our revenge from these people. Rub their faces in it.

UPDATED 8:45pm:  Added link to author's announcement.

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