Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Aurini on Guns

You may have seen:  Some conspiracy guy went on CNN yesterday and yelled at that British gun-grabber.

We were surprised too!  CNN is still broadcasting?  Big news, but not our point here.

Our point is not all gun-owners speak for us, yet that is the message CNN will want the Obamaphone public to glean from yesterday's spectacle.  We share the conspiracy guy's passion for the second ammendment, but do not share his tactics or judgement.

We could go on, but why?

Canadian hat owner, author and blogger Davis M. J. Aurini gives us a fantastic 23-minute chat.

He shares our opinion about yesterday's CNN interview, and gives us a good overview of what we Americans risk (in the area of higher and more violent crime) with tighter gun control.  He wraps-up with the topic of tyranny, something we hope he will expand on in future chats. 

[Links and names from interview purposely left out of this post.]

U/T: Aurini


BigFurHat at IOTW piles on.

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