Monday, January 21, 2013

Finding Our Voice

We've learned one disappointing fact since starting Ushanka 6 years ago.  Our side is not in constant battle, and is defensive in nature.

So when it is time for us to go on the offense, it takes time.   Conservatives are busy with families and jobs and church and signing checks on the front, which gives Liberals Progressives Communists the advantage in the world of political battles.

But whenever Conservatives are given the chance, their side always wins.  Reagan knew this.  We know this.

The Sandy Hook shooting was over a month ago.  The Liberal Progressive Communist gun-grabbers attempted to exploit that event to take our guns.  While the push back was solid from our side, the best counter-propaganda is just now coming out.  Here are some we saw this morning on FB:

Ushanka Tips to all who are fighting this battle!

And this found at NiceDeb:

U/T: NiceDeb and Judge Jeanine Pirro.

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