Tuesday, March 15, 2016

GOP Rankings Report #16

Here is the 16th and last Ushanka GOP Rankings Report.

The only change since the last report is Trump's announcement on March 3rd of his healthcare plan.  He is going to require providers to present their pricing to the patients, giving patients the ability to shop for their healthcare.  He is also promising to open the drug market to cheaper alternatives.

I've added the twelfth Domestic Policy category with these specifics to the GOP Rankings Report Criteria.  Trump has 3 points, the other three candidates have zero.

Click here to see the criteria for each rated category that I followed in each report.  All rankings are on a 0-3 scale, determined by specific conservative criteria that has been constant since the first report on August 1st.  The focus of the criteria is graded on specific campaign promises from the candidates' websites or from promises made in debates.

Here are the final Summary scores:

Here are the final Foreign Policy scores:

Here are the final Domestic Policy scores:


I could not find any substantive changes at the candidate's websites.

Gov. Kasich still does not have an Issues page. 

Who put up an Issues page, and when?
Rubio had an Issues page on August 1st (the earliest date of my reports).
Trump started his Issues page on September 1st.
Cruz started his Issues page on January 15th.

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