Saturday, March 26, 2016

Intellectual Froglegs!

Joe Dan's latest just hit the Internet!

Joe Dan hits on one of the most frustrating aspects of the 2016 Republican primaries, at the 4:10 mark:
Rush is clearly a Cruz supporter.  Clearly.

That’s fine.  Fine and dandy.

But, don’t pretend to be objective. 
He’s got these little passive-aggressive jabs.  And then he comes to explain to his audience why people support Trump.  And he understands part of it:  ‘He’s resonating with the angry Americans who don’t have a voice in DC.’

And while that is true, it’s not it.
He goes on to explain why.

Trump is a phenomenon in politics, and he's joined by others who are changing how we select our future leaders.  The "Free Stuff" crowd may win in November, and if so it didn't matter who we nominated.  But today the optimism is flowing and I'm enjoying the celebrations of conservatism I see among my comrades and in the new media. If you are involved at any level, I offer a hearty Ushanka Tip to you.

These two are the Diamond and Silk of the Trump movement . . .

. . .  and Joe Dan is the Gold.

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