Sunday, March 06, 2016

Presidential Qualifications - A Suggestion

I propose an addition to the qualification requirements for President of the United States.  In addition to being 35 or over, and a natural born citizen, I think it should be required for every presidential candidate to be a parent, and to have every child introduce them at every campaign event.

I recall many years ago a segment on the Rush Limbaugh show where he explained the value of children to a democracy.  Voters will vote for long-term prosperity over selfish instant gratification if they have children, as they are inclined to consider the years beyond their lifespan.

If that does not ring true to you, consider the opposite.  Voters without children - aborted or otherwise not conceived - tend to vote for Free Stuff and other options that bankrupt their country and hasten the demise of Western Civilization.

Do we want a president who considers the next generation(s) when formulating and executing his policies?

This suggestion was inspired by Doug Giles' Townhall article today, If Trump Is So Awful, Why Are His Kids So Awesome?
. . . there is one thing I'd like to bring up that I really haven't heard addressed and I kind of find interesting, namely ... Trump's kids are very impressive. 

Which is really weird because, if you listen to and believe Donald's detractors, like Mitt, one would think he would've spawned kids that would make Miley Cyrus look like a penitent nun.  
Y'all, help me here. I'm confused. 

If Trump's such an evil SOB, of shoddy character, with no moral compass, who doesn't really love America, then why are his kids so sharp, solid, smart and a great addition to this grand American experiment in self-governance?
. . . the point is that who a person is gets reduced down to and showcased within their children.  
. . . I do find it interesting that, not one, but the whole lot of Trump's brood, are grade A, non-drug-booze-government tit-addled-indolent-leeches but pretty amazing young charges who bring excellence to this game of life and, heretofore, honor to the Trump name.

Finally, as one of my old and wise, now deceased, mentors once told me: “if you want to know what a man is truly made of, then look no further than his children.”
I took this photo in Iowa the day before the Caucus.  Trump's daughter (pictured) spoke to the crowd and was extremely impressive. 

I thank Doug Giles for starting this conversation.  Trump has his buildings, Cruz has led Supreme Court cases, Kasich has turned Ohio around - all great accomplishments by great men.  But, if they are truly great men, then they should have equally great children.


B said...

I call BS about the CHildren.

I know a LOT of people with kis who are liberals and short term thinkers....(Which is why they have too many kids)..

I know a lot like me, DINKS (Dual INcome No Kids) who are very conservative. You've met me, you know.

Karl said...

Comrade Mr. B - I think you took this too literal. There are many exceptions, such as yourself.

But are you saying, you see no logic in that theory that parents are more inclined to the consider long term impacts of policies?

sth_txs said...

We need to end women's suffrage and restrict voting to only property owning males. With or without children. Other than the effeminate metrosexuals voting for liberalism, this would solve a number of issues.

Women voting has led to nothing good and most are incapable of any rational thought or logic. The View alone shows this consistently.

And yes, I'm kind of sexist about it. :LOL:

Karl said...

Sth_txs, you mean restore the voting rules the founders established?

A tough sell, but it would be fun watching the Democrat Party make the necessary adjustments to remain relevant.

B said...

What I am saying is that MANY (in fact, the majority) ow people in the generation that is having children (and many, if not most, of the previous one) cannot see long term period, parents or not.

They were never taught to think long term. Many under 35 years old can barely tuck it in before zipping it up, they are so short term thinking.