Tuesday, March 22, 2016


34 dead today in Brussels.

We knew it was coming.  The Europeans have invited this.

So maybe this is too soon, but here are some images (DailyMail) that bother me more than the fact that people are killed after allowing unlimited muslim immigration into their countries.

Can someone please tell me WTF?

Comrade Matt Bracken shared these on FB:


UPDATED 3.22.16 Noon:

FB Comrade Bracken linked to this Robert Spencer article at FrontPage, War in Europe:
This morning, as a result of these policies, Brussels is engulfed in chaos and the grief of blood shed in war. There will be much, much more to come of this.

It is time to sweep them out. All of them: the multiculturalists, the cultural relativists, the internationalists, the levellers, the elites who have brought this death and destruction upon Brussels today, and Paris yesterday, and the rest of Europe tomorrow. Europe, if it is to survive as a home of free people, must turn out its entire political and media establishment.
If you haven't read Bracken's Tet, Take Two, you can do so here.

And FB Comrade Ellis reminds us of a protest at the same airport back in 2004.

I seem to recall that back in 2014, BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanction) protesters in Brussels, poured red paint/fake blood at the terminal in Brussels to symbolize Israelis killing Muslims. Today at the same exact location and 2 other locations, REAL blood was spilled and so far over 35 are dead with 100 badly wounded. The perpetrator was a radical Muslim extremist, yet you won't see these leftist fascists, crying over that spilled blood or any blood in Syria that ISIS spills, nope, these hypocrites only cry over terrorists blood as they recreate fake scenes of blood and Israeli soldiers killing babies, but they will never recreate REAL scenes, like the carnage at the airport and metro today. Shame on these liars and professional agitators. All they do is embolden terrorists to commit more murder. So next time they spill fake blood they should dip their hands in as well, because the blood is on their hands! 

UPDATED 3.22.16 6pm:

Apparently, if this photo and the two at the top are leading examples, if in Europe and you see someone who has just suffered severe trauma, you do one of the following:
A) Take a photo,
B) Walk on past,
C) Apply direct pressure.

I guess you first vote for multiculturalism.  Then when multiculturalism comes, you grab your luggage, step over the bodies, and hail a taxi.


UPDATED 3.23.16 10pm:

A FB Comrade shares:


UPDATED 3.26.16 6:30pm:

My melodramatic Ushanka Tips to TnDoc, Maxwell and Tucci for their comments.

GP wins today's Headline Du Jour:  Brussels March Against Fear Canceled Due to Fear
The organisers of a “March Against Fear” planned for Sunday to mark the Brussels terror attacks said they had cancelled the event after the authorities asked them to do so because of security fears.
When we say "Europe is lost," we are not just pointing to the socialist domestic policies enabled by US defense spending that they don't have to do.  We're not just talking about the multiculturalist immigration policies that bring in hundreds of thousands who refuse to assimilate.  We're not talking about the welfare state within countries that have more government employees than those in the private sector.  We're not talking about the cancellations of kumbaya parades out of fear of death or hurt feelings.  And we're not talking about people taking pictures of helpless terror victims and the people walking by them with no care in the world.  Those are just symptoms of the disease. 

We're talking about the end of Western Civilization in Europe.  Forever.  Cause of death: national suicide.


Tucci said...

How does one not stop to render aid? How does anybody who's even had Cub Scout-level instruction in emergency response simply walk on past? In "Red State" America, emergency responders have to firmly remove the laypeople who've come to provide initial assistance so that the EMS personnel can have room to work. The bystanders stand by, eager to provide whatever help they can, even for total strangers.

The Europeans are diseased.

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, a terrorist [false flag] attack, anyone up for some tea. Maybe a dark lager or such. Heheheh... More to come. For a refresher course, one only need re-read George Orwell's dystopian documentary novel... 1984. Ya...?

TnDoc said...

My term for Europe....and us....is suicidal stupidity. The pics of the people bypassing the injured is, to me, unreal. The lack of basic humanity blows the mind. I know some will say it's "shock" the non-responders are suffering from...I call bullshit. Weaklings. They, and us, better wake up to the existential threat that is called Islam...soon.

Maxwell said...

...And all of you remember this: if you know NOTHING, zero, nada, zip, bubkes about rendering first aid, you can always STOP AND COMFORT the wounded! It sounds silly, but just the simple act of talking to a wounded person, holding his/her hand, and assuring them that 'help is on the way' (even if it's not true or you don't know)can literally mean the difference between life and death. (And if you don't know anything about first aid, you should be learning. NOW is a good time.)
And if the person is FUBAR, all hope is gone, and they're laying there bleeding out, it means the difference between someone dying alone in fear, pain, and doubt, or having another person there, beside them when they pass. Put yourself there (try), and honestly think about which you'd prefer.

Tucci said...

There's a practical benefit to a bystander stopping and comforting the wounded in such a mass trauma event. Until trained emergency responders can arrive to sort the living from the dead and triage the wounded for treatment and/or evacuation, having somebody upright next to a living victim tends to draw attention to that victim, and can make the critical difference between "in time" and "too late."

It ain't just hand-holding.