Saturday, March 05, 2016

A Movement Against the Ruling Class

Gov. Huckabee comments on this incredible election year:

1:15 -
What I don't think the establishment folks are getting:  there is an overthrow of our government taking place before our eyes.  And they need to be grateful that it is a revolution by ballots, not bullets.  But the people are rising up, and they're angry. 
In other news today, Sen. Cruz had good news and bad news: he won Kansas and the CPAC vote.  Kansas has made conservative history in the past few years, and Cruz's win there today is his biggest endorsement yet.  His CPAC win today, however, is a black eye.  CPAC votes have been a joke in past years, handing the win to Ron Paul every election year despite his 2% showing in the primaries.  The CPAC crowd this year was poised to boo Trump, who wisely cancelled, and gave a standing ovation to Speaker Ryan.  It might be a Conservative conference, but it is not representative of conservatives with jobs, families and taxes.  CPAC is an embarrassment, right up there with the Glenn Beck endorsement.

Trump has dropped a bit in the polls and the election results.  That last debate was a disaster, for him and the two senators.  There was no discussion of Trump's healthcare plan.  There was no debate of policy.  It was a disgusting display of stupidity that hurt everyone but Kasich.  

I'll say it again - this is an incredible year where the GOP candidates must out-conservative each other to win delegates.  Whoever gets the nomination - assuming the nomination is awarded fairly - will be far better than McCain of 2008 or Romney of 2012.


sth_txs said...

That commentary is pretty rich coming from a guy who helped disparage Ron Paul the last couple cycles. :LOL:

I despise Huckabee as well, but he said was on the money. He probably made more as phony conservative on Fox than he would have as governor or president.

Karl said...

You don't forget a thing, do you? Ha!

Poor Ron Paul was his own undoing. I just reported what I saw as I saw it - not unlike watching the Hindenburg docking: principled, majestic, consistent, passionate . . . and on fire!

The funny thing is, this Trump thing has triggered my inner-Libertarian. He is like a 3rd party candidate, but one I can support because he is in the GOP. His common sense is refreshing. My loyalty to Trump gets stronger with every new criticism. And I am warming up to the possible anarchy within the GOPe if he becomes the nominee.

He just better not come out for legalized MJ.