Wednesday, March 09, 2016

An Ushanka Exclusive

Kachya drew this for the discerning Ushanka comrades.

Courageous.  Eloquent.  Timely.

The trained eye would immediately notice the message.  And it's authenticity. 

Yes, yes, the hammer and sickle genre.  Of course.  That is one layer.  One link to the Bernie Sander's campaign.  But look further. . .

Do you see it?

The artist's choice of crayon is what truly connects this piece with the Bernie voter.  Nay, the Bernie movement.

Look all you want.  You won't find intellectual purity like this at the other blogs.

U/T: Comrade Dimitry, Kachya, and Kachya's Dad

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Anonymous said...

An amazing contribution of art