Thursday, March 17, 2016

Time for a Cigar

Look what just came in the mail!

Comrade Clarey's latest book, The Curse of the High IQ:
Society, by statistical necessity, needs to focus on the majority. It needs to be built and designed for "the average." Society, by moral necessity, also needs to focus on the disadvantaged and disabled, helping those who cannot help themselves. But while the majority of society's resources, attention, and infrastructure is dedicated to average or below-average intelligent people, little-to-none of it is paid to the abnormally intelligent. And while having a high IQ is an overall net benefit in life, being an statistical intellectual freak is not without its drawbacks. Welcome to the "Curse of the High IQ."

The Glorious Hat and bag-o-cigars are mine, of course.  Everything I need to delve into the greatest writer on the planet . . . that I've played poker with.

Comrade Clarey has been getting trolled on his Amazon reviews by worthless hippie commie scum who are threatened by a self-made conservative straight white man with an incredible future in, well, whatever he chooses to do.  If this book sounds like something you'd be interested in, please go get your copy at Amazon and counter the social justice warriors with your own review.

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