Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Rise of Communism

By definition, as an anti-Communist, I am always doing God's work.  How appropriate for this Easter Sunday.

A week ago it was our dear leader trying to cloud the differences between Communism and Capitalism.  He failed.  But we (congress) failed to immediately begin impeachment proceedings.  How far American has fallen.

Then yesterday, there were three Democrat primaries:

Look at these scores!
Alaska - Bernie 82%, Hillary 18%
Hawaii - Bernie 70%, Hillary 30%
Washington - Bernie 73%, Hillary 27%
Hillary and her criminal conspiracy, aka the Clinton Machine, may have the super delegates and thus the nomination in their pocket.  But that is not the will of the marxist masses in America that have become hooked on two things: 1) free stuff, and 2) promises of more free stuff.

The GOP primaries are quite the distraction, and I'm probably more distracted than most.  But the time will come when we, the anti-communist patriots, need to take the field of battle.  It'll be harder this time for at least two reasons: 1) The Democrats are no longer hiding their true beliefs and intentions, and 2) we are fewer and weaker due to the Bitter Cruzinger split in our ranks.

More to follow . . .

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