Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Wednesday Diary

Things I found today.  Things that happened today.  Neatly arranged in one blog post for your entertainment.

English Russia posted a photo album yesterday: Girls of the Soviet Union.  (March 8th was the International Women's Day - a commie holiday.)

English Russia also posted a photo album from the event at Stalin's grave, at the Kremlin wall, on the 63rd anniversary of his death.  What kind of person shows up for that?

Look at this guy.  Probably a professor.  From an American liberal arts university.  Tenured.  Smug.  Unchallenged.

Found at Imgur - An unhappy cat wearing a Ushanka at Red Square.

And found in my inbox, a happy Comrade in a Glorious Hat Ushanka with the new 2016 placard!


Trump did well in last night's primaries, winning 3 of 4.  Since the Bitter Cruzingers have been behaving like liberals, I thought I'd tune into some of their sites/shows as I once did the MSM when Republicans won big. Those were fun days to hear the liberal mind bend and contort to rationalize what they are seeing.  I remember Dan Rather holding back tears in 2004 when W. beat that Swift Boat guy.

First, it was Glenn Beck's show.  I could only listen for a short time.  That was enough to hear his discussion of Cruz's losses in Mississippi and Michigan - both evangelical strongholds that Glenn thinks should have gone to Cruz for that reason.  His explanation for Cruz's losses?  Are you ready?  Glenn said the evangelicals in those states aren't real Christians.  He then went on to explain they are posers (my word, not his).  Classy, eh?

I found this CPAC picture of Glenn with another radio host who is pushing Cruz at the expense of his credibility. (He formally endorsed today.)  I'm not sure if they had time to talk about the threat of Fluoride in our water supply, or the impact of Chem Trails on our genetically modified crops.  Instead, I suspect every other word at that table started with "T". . .

I swung by John Hawkin's Twitter account.  He's tempered his rhetoric a bit, but he's still the same Bitter Cruzinger he was last month.  His explanation for Trump's victories, also at the expense of his credibility:

Last, an authentic endorsement for Bernie Sanders, via The People's Cube:

UPDATED 3.10.16:

WZ shares this video of Bernie in 1985.  Apparently this came up in the debate last night.

Related - here is Che waiting to execute a prisoner:

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sth_txs said...

I still have reservations about Trump, but even Cruz only found 'religion' on immigration after seeing how well Trump was benefiting from the topic.

You would think the GOP would get a clue here but I guess not.