Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday Afternoon Cigar

I smoked a Sun Grown in tribute to the US Secret Service today.  I also continued reading The 900 Days.

Have you seen the new Glorious Hat placard?  So appropriate.  I'm so glad I don't do nuance.

Trump was in Dayton today, and a Bernie supporter with ties to Black Lives Matters and ISIS rushed the stage.  The USSS did a fine job of dragging his smelly hippie ass off to jail.  Should have been to Guantanamo Bay, IMO.

Best photo yet.

Keep up the great work gentlemen.  You'll be earning your pay in 2016.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Keep up good work, comrade.

Will complete your nomination this week for Good Comrade/Extra Beet Ration recognition and submit to local commissar for transmittal to Central Committee.

I now must go baptize my cat.