Thursday, March 31, 2016

Is That A Revolver Clip?

This is a Ushanka Tribute post to those American gun owners with a sense of humor.

A few days ago this youth, who is turning his life around, posted a picture of his glok full-automatic revolver with extended clip.  He is not the focus of this tribute post as he probably does not even own that gun.  Nor does he have a sense of humor, as I doubt he'd laugh at even one of my jokes.

These gentlemen, however, are the real 'Mericans.  Bravo gentlemen.  Bravo.

Bonus pic.  Because.

UPDATED 4.2.16 5:30pm:

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Comrade, Glorious Hat owner and Model, and IOTW Blogger, Cardigan, gives us the illegally modified high-cap Pop Tart!


Dick said...

This is the first I've seen this stupidity. Oh well, at least a couple of them have their hats on backwards so we know they are "real" 'mericans.

Karl said...

Thank you Dick for letting Ushanka be your first source for stupid stuff. Scroll on through to see a bunch of posts dedicated to the Democrat Party!