Monday, March 28, 2016

Comrades, Get Off Twitter

Since the National Enquirer broke the #CruzSexScandal - his affairs with five women - I've been making daily trips to Twitter to catch the latest buzz.  I've never had a Twitter account, and after these few days, I never will.

First, Twitter is led by ultra-libs who don't value speech unless it fits their politically-correct views.  That is enough to dump the service.

"But social media is fun," you'll say.  And you are right.  I've enjoyed Facebook for a while now and have made some valuable friends through their site.  But even FB is currently toxic with the in-fighting of Trump and Cruz supporters.  I have had a 0% success rate at having a polite Trump v. Cruz discussion on FB, and I've stopped trying. 

Twitter is 10x the toxicity of FB, and this is reason #2 to dump your Twitter account.  Check out national radio host Dana Loesch's tweets in just the past few hours today.  Here is a sample:

Who needs this?  Really?  Go to her page to see endless insults to see why this is no good for anyone.

Dana is a Bitter Cruzinger who will bite your head off if you suggest there is any truth to the Cruz affairs.  As you can see, she plays the protected card, in this case "married women" in reference to girl #5 (Amanda Carpenter) and others rumored to have had affairs with Ted Cruz.  I don't have to be a Trump fan to see that Dana is one extremely nasty person.  Do you?

Twitter's toxicity levels combined with the immediacy of comments and replies are reasons enough to abandon the site.  It is tearing conservatives apart when there are so many reasons to be uniting:
1) Obama is almost out,
2) Trump/Cruz both are more conservative than previous GOP nominees,
3) Bernie is taking the Democrats further left and further into the hole than anyone could have hoped, and
4) the FBI has 147 agents working on Hillary's security breaches at State.  
It should be no surprise that the current top-selling placard for Glorious Hat urges "Conservatives of the World, Unite!"

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