Monday, March 07, 2016

The Media War Against Trump

The Media War Against Trump.  It is heating up as his popularity rises and his nomination nears.  Many of us might think it is still too close to call with Cruz, but those with the most to lose are not wasting any time to retain power under Hillary. 

Did Lenin hesitate to jump on that sealed train in September 1917 and return to take power in Petrograd?

Comrade Joe Dan, of Intellectual Froglegs, today on FB:
So suddenly at age 70, when he decides to run for office---and he starts WINNING...Donald Trump is a notorious criminal? I don't think so.

And if YOU believe it--shame on you for not being more skeptical of the sources, their motives ...and the timing.

We are witnessing a -Made for TV - "character assassination....a 'Political Gang Bang' by the SLEAZY DC Media and the DC Lawyers AKA The establishment----against The ONE MAN who has actually DONE SOMETHING besides talk.... The ONLY candidate that's actually created jobs and created wealth across multiple industries...over decades around the globe.

Of course he's rude---big deal---so was Patton, so was Paul Bear Bryant---- but the man is not a liar. He knows success. And he has a resume to back up his bravado.

I'm not here to debate. My mind is made up - I'm supporting the candidate that has earned his living outside the fantasyland of DC... where budgets and showing up for work are optional.
Will we hear things about Mr. Trump that are unseemly?  Of course we will.  (If Cruz is the nominee, we'll hear some dirt on him too.)  And it'll be framed as it has been since I started paying attention:

If there is one thing you don't like about the Republican, 
even if it is trivial, 
you should vote for the Democrat.

Some screenshots from MSM sources today.  Get ready for a daily barrage like this every day until the election.


Google News:




SF Gate:



 Huffington Post:

LA Times:


The only old-media source that had fair coverage of Trump this morning: The Wall Street Journal.  Quite the shocker, as that paper is notorious for their open-borders beliefs.

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