Wednesday, March 02, 2016

A Refreshing Retort to the Anti-Trump Masses

I'm sorry I missed this January 26 video. I would have shared this many times since then. . .  with people who would have ignored it.

Stefan Molyneuz asks, "Do people listen to themselves?" in this 18-min video response to Thomas Sowell

4:30 mark:
I just really want to point out, that when all of these Republican Blanche DuBois clutch at their pills (?)  pearls and faint on the couch and demand their semi-victorian smelling salts because they "just can't fathom why anybody is interested in Donald Trump."

They're interested in Donald Trump, my friends, because you're a bunch of betraying back-stabbing crap weasels who tend to collude with the Democrats to screw over the remnants of the middle class in this country.

Donald Trump is not a candidate. He is a murder weapon against the existing Republican establishment who repeatedly betrayed the small-government wannabes in the country and he is also the murder weapon against the media who constantly threatens everyone with "Racism" for talking about 'incompatible cultures.'
I've added Thomas Sowell to my Bitter Cruzinger post.

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