Friday, March 11, 2016

Chicago Bolsheviks

Communists and the Communist-inspired joined forces today to disrupt a Trump rally in Chicago.

This was a preview.


Think back a year, when no candidates were known.  We knew, at $20T in debt, 95m unemployed and another 100m on government assistance, that if it were possible to turn this country around, it'd require tough decisions and tough times.  Right?

We didn't think a leader would emerge who was willing to make those tough decisions and who could attract a majority of voters.  I sure didn't.  The best I was hoping for was someone who would slow the decline.


The protesters today were made up of Bernie supporters, illegals, MoveOn, lunatics like Glenn Beck, old hippies like Bill Ayers, and other Democrat voters sympathetic to the Marxist ideals of envy, resentment and redistribution.

This is intimidation.

But this is also a sign that Trump is a real threat to those who want to destroy Western Civilization.

I am ready for the heavy lifting to restore this country.  Tonight was the first taste.  Are you in?

UPDATED 3.12.16:

For those who think I'm too loose with the "Communist" label, here is a video from last night:

U/T: Leigh Wolf at Townhall

Also, Comrade Matt Forney was inside the Trump event last night.  Here is his report, with photos and video.

UPDATED 3.12.16 Noon:

I have yet to confirm that Romney was in Chicago last night.

UPDATED 3.12.16 2pm:

Seen on FB.  Nice.

UPDATED 3.13.16 9:30am:

An excellent video summary of the Chicago event from ConservativeTreehouse:

I was curious to see what our old Bitter Cruzinger comrade, John Hawkins, was tweeting on this topic.  Hawkins has spent all his credibility this year on his Cruz support, and it appears he is going down with that Cruz ship.  It has been amazing to watch Hawkins, who I think tries to make money as a full time blogger, race to the bottom.  Here are his Chicago tweets:

This second tweet shows Portia Boulger.  She has been outed as a lib protester, but Hawkins has not corrected the record on his Twitter account.  Her bio:
Portia Boulger, Organizer (Women for Bernie)
Portia A. Boulger is a grassroots activist who has fought for unions, woman's and human rights for over 40 years.  She is active in national and statewide politics and serves on the Ross County Democratic Party executive committee.  Portia is a team member of Women for Bernie Sanders and runs their Twitter account.

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