Friday, March 25, 2016

Lying Ted's Affairs

The Bitter Cruzingers are getting schlonged today.

I ignored posts with the word "affair" the first 10 times I saw it today on FB.  I figured it was typical noise in a heated election season.  But then I clicked on this ConservativeOutfitters link, then found this ConservativeTreehouse link, which has amassed a ton of information based on the National Enquirer's breaking story.

The National Enquirer posted photos of five ladies.  Some have been identified.  Some are former employees of Cruz.

I immediately tuned into Glenn Beck's show to hear his apology to the nation.  There is no mention of the story.  They are still bashing Trump.

I also went to John Hawkin's Twitter page.  No mention of it.  Here is his most recent post:

Then I went to Dana Loesch's page.  The only mention of it is this re-tweet:

Ben Shapiro apparently knew about this and used his position at Breitbart to keep it from getting out.  And Cruz-PAC money played a role too.  ConservativeTreehouse:
Unfortunately, the truth-tellers ran into the corporate side of the media enterprises.   Breitbart owned by pro-Cruz Super-PAC funder Robert Mercer was one of the roadblocks.  The editor, Ben Shapiro, also now being named as one of the political advocates who would not allow his chosen candidate to be ‘outed”.   Shapiro is also the Editor of The Daily Wire, which is also owned by a Pro-Cruz Super-PAC team, The Wilks Brothers.
And now the $500k given to Fiorina from a Cruz PAC makes sense. Apparently a Fiorina staffer is one of the five ladies.

Apparently the rumors of affairs came out of the Trump Rubio camp starting on March 10th under the Twitter code, #thething.

Updates to follow. . .

UPDATED 10:30am:

Nothing on Drudge, Breitbart or FoxNews yet.

But Amanda Carpenter's Twitter page is a gold mine. Some have suggested Mrs.(!) Carpenter is girl #5 in the lineup above.  A prolific Twitterer, she has been offline for 15 hours now.  She started a list of Trump supporters over at Mark Levin's site, Conservative Review: Blackballing Those Who Endorse Trump.  Some selected tweets from Amanda's page, from her and from critics:

That's probably true.

 I found this in the comments section at Conservative Treehouse:

UPDATED 11:30am:

When Bill heard the news:

UPDATED 12:15pm:

Katrina Pierson has been identified as one of the five.  She denies it.

Fair enough.  This is the National Enquirer, and they have made mistakes in the past.

And I'm cherry-picking at #CruzSexScandal:

UPDATED 2:40pm:

More [non] denials:
Amanda Carpenter, on CNN (Video).
Ted Cruz - GP.


The Daily Mail is the first old-media site to run with the story.  A comprehensive article that includes Cruz's and Trump's statements.

Radio host and Trump supporter, Michael Savage, said he'd drop Trump if Trump is connected to the story.  I think Savage speaks for all Trump supporters there.  We might be just as vocal as the Cruz types, but we aren't the bitter clingers you see among the Bitter Cruzingers, all(?) of who have circled the wagons around Cruz today.

And Comrade Matt Forney shares this on FB:
I enjoy the fact that Ted Cruz's fanboys are denying his infidelity by saying he's too big of a loser to get laid.
I joined Matt in Iowa during the caucus.  He had spent two weeks there going to all the candidate's events.  I was leaning Trump at the time and asked Matt about his impressions of Cruz.  Matt told me Cruz was the only candidate - D or R - that gave him an "unclean vibe" when he walked into the room.


Day #1 is over.  What will tomorrow bring?

Karl Denninger, an unapologetic Trump supporter, rants the facts and the double standards:
So there is far less connection, in point of fact, between The Enquirer and Trump than there is between your supporting SuperPac and you.

Yet you claim that Trump is responsible for what a newspaper publishes, while at the same time you refuse to take responsibility for what the SuperPAC supporting you publishes.
Bill Still says the number of mistresses is now eight, and shows the matching tattoos.

Keywords pulled from Twitter:


UPDATED 3.26.16 4pm:

Our comrades at The Black Brigade podcast used this post as their podcast outline today.  A great discussion everyone should listen to.  Reasoned, mature, and educational - now on Ushanka's Blogroll.

The Cruz scandal discussion starts at the 25 minute mark.

UPDATED 3.26.16 8pm:

I've asked Bitter Cruzingers how they plan to 'walk back' their over-loyal championing of Cruz and recover their credibility.  For example, what does Glenn Beck have to do to win back my trust after calling me a "brown shirt," and saying that I'm not a Christian if I don't vote for Cruz?  I've suggested their best course of action is to delete all their posts, videos, and statements praising Ted Cruz.  Then ask Google to delete those same items from their servers.  Then the NSA.  Then bloggers like me who post screenshots of said adulation.

It isn't the Bitter Cruzingers doing it, but the scrubbing has started.

New developments at #CruzSexScandal.  Twitter is deleting #CruzSexScandal tweets by the thousands.  It remains the #1 hashtag nonetheless.

And girl #5, Amanda Carpenter, has started deleting items that link her and Ted Cruz:

Imagine how kick-ass this post would be if I weren't such a low-information voter. . .

UPDATED 3.27.16 2pm:

Found during my now daily scan of Twitter.  From 2014:

UPDATED 3.28.16 11am:

Girl #5 is back online.  All is back to normal.  And the #1 reason to vote for Cruz: Trump still sucks.

It appears the possibility of multiple lives destroyed by this non-scandal was overblown and the rumors completely false.

Only two things left:
1) the mother of all lawsuits that will send the National Enquirer into oblivion, and
2) the release of the rumored video showing Ted Cruz entering and leaving various hotels with girls #'s 1-5.
A brave FB Comrade and Cruz supporter shared this today.  Keep the faith comrade!

UPDATED 3.28.16 2pm:

Girl #5: More evidence, or cruel photoshop prank?

UPDATED 3.28.16 10pm:

Girl #5 says photo (link above in 2pm update) is photoshopped.  She is also attacking Trump's communications director for "harassment" and "smearing my reputation." 

No mention of the man's shirt in the chair behind here.  But to be fair, Twitter limits the message size.

The real reason for this update:

GP has a source that suggests the NE story was intentionally overkill so that when facts come out that only one of the five girls is linked to an affair with Cruz, it'll appear minor and will be easily dismissed as a "mistake."  The source thinks Cruz will admit to this single affair after the Wisconsin primary which is April 5th.

UPDATED 3.29.16 8:30am:

I've started a new post on this topic.  Cruz Scandal, Part II.


Moopa said...

Crying and sweating will probably do nothing in "fixing this" for TrusTed, if it is true.... The "I'm holier than thou" isn't the best road to take if you aren't and haven't been. "Cats in the sack" always seem to get out and once they do they usually run in all directions making the event really hard to contain.

Saying Trump(once known as an international playboy)did this or that isn't going to help the young Texas Senator. Making popcorn, this "Blue Dress" moment could be a thriller.

Karl said...

Ha! "Blue Dress moment!"

Can you imagine if we had Facebook and Twitter during the Clinton scandals?!

sth_txs said...

This election cycle is just becoming more and more entertaining.

The real story is how anyone other than his wife would want to sleep with Ted in the first place?