Thursday, October 11, 2012


Our dear leader says he was too polite in last week's debate. That was the reason some thought he lost.

Smirking and looking down at the podium throughout a full debate is not polite.  Eye contact with your opponent without acting like a smug lib, Mr. President, is polite.  You were not polite.

So you'll be less polite at then next debates?  We say "Go for it!"

Speaking of politeness.  Others are not so understanding about the recent cell phone salute as we are.

We didn't have cell phones when we were taught to salute in 1984.  We didn't have cell phones when we were taught how to return a salute in 1989.  So we are not up on the exact ettiquette. 

But we know what you did was wrong.

If you can ignore the pleas of one of your ambassadors for more security for weeks...
If you can take your time - VP Cheney called it "dither" - for three months before giving the order to take Osama...
If you can postpone the KeyStone Pipeline until after the election...
Then there is nothing too important that won't let you take that phone away from your ear for the three seconds it takes to exit your helicopter and return the salute of two men who you will never have anything in common with.

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