Saturday, October 06, 2012

7.8% Unemployment UPDATED

One day after the debate the news is a stunning drop in unemployment.  From 8.1% to 7.8%.

Mind you, no more new jobs than in past months.  Has the 2010 "Summer of Recovery" finally kicked in?

At least one business man thinks the formula has changed, not the actual number of unemployed Americans.

Jack Welch on FoxNews:

Two facts:

1) Nearly 20% of working-age Americans are not employed.  The 8.1/7.8% number is was calculated with the number of Americans "looking for work".

2) Obama can fudge the numbers all he wants.  He won't get a single new vote from this.  Unemployed Americans know he is to blame for the malaise, and those "undecided" voters who will use this as an excuse to vote for Obama were really Obama voters all along.  They weren't looking for a reason to vote for Romney, they were just holding out for a reason to vote for Obama.

In other words, as one American who is currently unemployed, this week's news wasn't news at all.


 This Dinner Table video found at Battlegroundwatch:

And Looking Spoon captures this topic perfectly:

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