Sunday, October 28, 2012


"Trust" - it have become a campaign slogan. Cheapened by a soul-less, dishonest, Liberal Progressive Communist imposter.

We'd like the candid answer to our question for the remaining ambassadors:  "Do you trust Obama to dispatch the security and military resources if and when you ask?"

How about our military?  "Do you trust your commander in chief to value your life over the feelings of foreign leaders?"

To the 23 million unemployed: "Do you trust Obama to enact pr-growth pro-business policies in a second term?"

Despite his record and the current Benghazi cover-up, here is the latest Obama endorsement by the Seacoast newspaper in New Hampshire:

Here are a couple images our Facebook friends recently posted:

If trust were the only factor in this election, Obama would have one vote. 

That's assuming Ambassador Stevens sent in his absentee ballot before the White House situation room watched him get attacked, raped and murdered over a seven hour period and declined to assist despite having an AC-130 gunship overhead and reaction forces less than 2 hours away.

Re-read that last sentence a few times.

"Trust."  It is NOT a campaign slogan, and words carry far less meaning than do actions (or in-actions).

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