Sunday, October 28, 2012

Top Video So Far

We just added this video to our Top Ten Election 2012 Videos post.

Excellent presentation.

And FINALLY, pinpointing the problem not on incompetence or bad ideas, but on Marxist ideology.

Don't let Romney's success with the "Obama is not ready for the job" campaign theme trick you. Obama did exactly what he wanted, and will do so again if given four more years. It has little to do with competence, and a whole lot to do with tyranny that comes each and every time with a bloated government.

The GOP cheated us, and all of America, in this election cycle.  They took the easy road for the win.  We understand.  But they left out the ideology argument when times were most ripe for it.

Reagan confronted Communism head-on and won.

The GOP should have put Obama's ideology on trial this election season.  Sure, it'd be seen as negative.  The Soviets thought Reagan's "evil empire" talk and SDI concepts pretty negative too.

U/T: MoonBattery

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