Thursday, October 13, 2016

MSM Meme of the Day


For someone doing so well in the polls as Hillary is, the fear of a Trump win is driving people crazy.

UPDATED 10 mins later:

Comrade Branco posted this on FB.  A fine compliment to the cartoon above:

And 10 mins later...

Ann Coulter, Glorious Hat owner, has a great article at Breitbart today. Here is a taste:
This is the same media that ran interference for an actual sexual predator in the White House, ignoring Bill Clinton’s serial pants-dropping, groping and raping for nearly a decade, while gleefully vilifying his accusers, and would have been happy to continue if Bill Richardson had become president. Clinton talking about p*ssy was one of his more dignified moments, proudly attested to by his friend Vernon Jordan in a nationally broadcast interview with Mike Wallace.

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