Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Election 2016 Update

The recent Michael Moore comments about Trump, put to music.  Very nice.

Many of the polls still show Hillary ahead. 

Here are two photos from this week.  This one is from Trump's rally in Jacksonville FL:

This one is from a Hillary rally, somewhere.


South TX said...

Yes, the media. As I've pointed out to the obtuse on Fecesbook, if Trump is so bad and a miserable failure of a man, why do they have to hammer this polling BS EVERY F___G DAY!

It's noticeable they don't report the crowds at Trump's rallies versus Hildebeast. Why is that not news?

I early voted in my rural part of what was known at one time as the Wild Horse Desert. No lines, but a constant stream of people this time.

Karl said...

Thank you for your vote! An important year for us to stick together!