Friday, October 14, 2016

Quote of the Day

Comrade Matt Forney, on FB:
"Fascist" and "Nazi" are meaningless terms. They're code for "right-winger who knows how to get shit done."

Craig adds in the comments:
As Vox noted: the left always projects. They are just projecting their authoritarian outlook and viciousness on others when they use those terms.
It wasn't Democrat Party policies that changed the face of Berlin:

However, it was Democrat Party policies that changed the face of Detroit.  Here is a Detroit photo I recently used in a Glorious Hat ad:

These false labels are useful to Hillary and her revolutionaries because they distract from the debate.  I'm saddened by the campaign focus now of gotcha crap, or 'who won this or that.'  Apparently it is useful or else Trump wouldn't do it.  But it is all Hillary has.  If a debate would cover policy specifics, only one candidate from 2016 would show up, because only one candidate could show up.

BTW: I said "saddened," not "surprised."

If you are not listening to Matt's podcast, "This Alt-Right Life," on Right-On, YOU ARE MISSING OUT.  Great guests, great topics, excellent back-and-forth.  Every episode has one or more take-aways.

UPDATED 10.15.16 7:20pm:

Comrade OregonGuy sends this novel business idea.  Brilliant!

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