Thursday, May 30, 2013

Combo Post: Cigar and Book Review

It is only fitting that we smoke a Nub Habano while we read our latest book from Captain Capitalism.

Book Review:
Boris the Shitting Buffalo by Aaron Clarey
Available in paperback and kindle at Amazon.  
46 pages.  Illustrations by Jorge E. Gonzalez.

Comrade Aaron Clarey wrote another book,
Stop what you’re doing and take a look.

“Boris the Shitting Buffalo” is the new book’s title,
Colorful illustrations are part vulgar, part idyll.

Wearing his furry ushanka with a bright red star,
Boris explores South Dakota like a Vacation Czar.

But like all commies Boris has a secret pleasure,
Something he enjoys more than a friendly heifer.

He shits and poops and shits some more,
With zero inhibitions, Boris is quite the boor.

We proudly recommend this kids-book-for-adults,
But only for those readers immune to insults.

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