Thursday, May 16, 2013

One Worships God, The Other Doesn't

UPDATED 5.17 9am:

Washington Examiner:  The top photo is Sarah Hall Ingram.  She makes $177k a year at the IRS, and has received over $103k in bonuses since running the group that denied the Tea Party their tax-exempt requests.

The Tea Party groups all wanted smaller government.  A smaller government would not pay an IRS staffer $177k, nor an average of $20k in bonuses each year.

One could argue that Commissar Sarah Hall Ingram was looking out for ol #1 at the IRS.

One could argue she still is.

One could even go so far as to say if one heart bypass surgery is left and  it comes down to Commissar Sarah Hall Ingram or a younger, more vibrant and attractive gal like Sarah Palin, the Commissar will get a new lease on life.

Is it possible - follow me on this - that there could be one or more other government employees who have, or will, place their personal gain over their nation's best interests?

UDPATED 5.17 10am:

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