Saturday, October 12, 2013

Predicting the End of Ushanka

Mockery is forbidden at TSA theft and fondle checkpoints now.

We suspect this restriction will be expanded to blogs someday.

And the blog that will be first to go will be the one that sells Commie Obama hats.

That's right.  Warm, furry and fun Commie Obama hats will be the target of government censure.

We will be told that Commie Obama hats distract from the political discourse, thus confusing citizens and steering resources away from solving our (pick one: budget, debt, unemployment, failed healthcare, gay relations, black on white violence, etc.) problems.

So don't be alarmed if you see this next time you come to visit Ushanka:

Oh ya, and another reminder:

 If you haven't seen the TSA South Park episode, you can buy it at Amazon for $2.

U/T: MoonBattery

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