Wednesday, October 16, 2013

White Flag - It is not just for Democrats

Wasthington Post:

Top senators struck a deal Wednesday to reopen the government and extend the federal government's borrowing authority into next year and both sides of the Capitol are hoping for quick action to reassure nervous financial markets eyeing a Thursday deadline set by the Treasury Department.

First, let's call BS.  The "financial markets" were not nervous.  If anything, they were churning away with zero concern about the govt shutdown or "looming" debt limit increase.  Despite the best efforts of the MSM, most know that no default would occur without our dear leader's decision to default.  But the hype carried the day nonetheless.

More proof that some smart people were right all along.  People like Peter Schiff, Ann Barnhardt and RawDog are vindicated by today's news.  Their warning: BOTH parties like the free flow of spending, just as the Fed likes the endless money-printing.  Nobody has the courage to stop.  
Assuming the Schiffs are correct about future predictions, the pain that everyone will feel in quality of life and career opportunities, if not global war, will be more severe with each make-believe dollar being printed and spent.

Hat owner and comrade Diann posted this one today at All The Right Snark in response to today's Boehner-McConnell cave-in.

Click the "white flag" label below to see our other White Flag images.  Most, if not all, are criticisms of Democrats in the War on Terror.  As a depressing sign of the times, the Democrats are no longer the only party to unfurl the white flag.

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UPDATED 10.17 6am:

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