Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Hitting Every Limb on the Way Down

Drudge throws the fastball, and we hit it out of the park!

What is it with Liberal Progressive Communist women? 

Anyone can post an unflattering photo of someone, but we challenge anyone to post a flattering photo of any of these women. 

There seems to be something deeper.  
Something that makeup can't help.  
It's in the eyes.

These are the faces of redistribution.  
The faces of ObamaCare Death Panels.  
The faces of "fair." 
The faces of "we know better."
The faces of power.

It is like they've all had some 
subsidized medical procedure, 
by 'choice' of course, 
that disfigures them for 'life,' 
leaving them without a soul.

 Do you see it too?

Or is it just us?

This wasn't always the case. 

Here is a liberal women, photographed before January 22, 1973.

Perhaps Karl's shock here is that he has been surrounded by loving (and pretty!) women his whole life.


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