Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tough Love via YouTube

Sometimes insomnia pays off.

We awoke three hours after hitting the sack last night.  Another case of ice-cream-induced insomnia.  Our routine in these situations is to scan our YouTube subscriptions for the rare quality video.

Instead, three videos uploaded yesterday jumped out at us.  If you are a frequent Ushanka reader, you'll agree that all three of these videos are related.  If you are a Liberal Progressive Communist, you'll realize this site with the hammer and sickle in the header is not another government site offering you free stuff and you'll 'Move On'.

CORRECTION: Only two of the three videos are still available.  The third was a warning from a YouTuber of the economic and social decline of America, and the possible spiral into civil unrest when the money-printing and spending chickens come home to roost.  A shame - it was an excellent presentation.  We've emailed YouTuber hoping he will re-post.

In the order we watched them:

Mr. E.T. Williams, the Doctor of Common Sense, speaks to the thugs and their thug culture, and ties the phenomenon to missing fathers.

Mr Aaron Clarey, the Captain of Capitalism, speaks to the mothers of fatherless children.

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