Friday, October 11, 2013

Donate to LiNK

Donating to Liberty in North Korea is the most noble of donations that we can think of. 

For $2500, LiNK is able to move a North Korean from China to South Korea - a lifesaving event as China will force relocate any North Koreans they capture inside of China.

We dedicate this tribute post to Angela Rossolo, a LiNK fundraiser:
Why am I doing this?
Since moving to South Korea, I have become extremely passionate about helping the people of North Korea. Many people aren't aware of what is happening there, as the media focuses so heavily on the politics. However, the people of North Korea are facing some of the worst human rights violations happening today.

Communism must be defeated everywhere, including North Korea and in DC.  It is quite easy - just confront it at every opportunity.  Communism is based on lies, and fueled by envy and resentment.  These are embarrassing traits that do not survive the bright light of freedom-loving people like Angela.

Click over to LiNK and see for yourself.  This is not like other charities.  

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