Monday, October 21, 2013

Distorted Memories and Communist Inspirations

How can one be nostalgic for a time and place where all were either driven into abject poverty, lived in fear, worked to death, or executed?

The romantic pining of the left for communism (socialism, Obamanism, Statism, or whatever you call it) is a phenomenon here in the US that is quickly destroying this country as it was founded.  Our impulse is to point to Russia and ask: "Do you really want to do as they did?"

But, despite the horrors of communist rule being only 23 years ago, the Russians are not all in agreement that it was a bad thing.  Like the American left, there are many Russians that want to return to those days.  To that system.

English Russia has posted an album of current Russian illustrations.  These two jumped out at us.

“I am a little girl and I don’t go to school, I have never seen the USSR but I love it”

It took a solid and concerned conservative to get in our face and force us into critical thinking that led us to our conservative values today.  The same is necessary for all the communist-inspired both here and in Russia to stop this from happening again. 

Are you doing your part?

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