Friday, October 11, 2013

ObamaCare = Tyranny

Some good stuff out on the web today.  Go to blogs in our blogroll at the left to get the best reporting on the latest with ObamaCare.

Our picks:

Commie Obama Hat owner Ann Barnhardt nails it with her post, History Rhymes.  She is the first to suggest ObamaCare is supposed to - designed to - fail.  And she points to the starvation of millions of Ukrainians to prove her point.
You are going to be punished for failing to comply with ObamaCare, even though the regime has specifically and maliciously seen to it that compliance is impossible – not that any person of conscience should even attempt to comply with the satanic ObamaCare anyway.

It’s intentional.

It’s intentional.

It’s intentional.

A couple related images found at 90 Miles from Tyranny.  (He also posts some NSFW pictures of pretty women - so click over there at your own risk.)

Another blogger, NC Renegade, joins Barnhardt with the acusation that ObamaCare was meant to fail.  His criticism is from the website coding angle:
I program information systems as part of my work for a major electrical utility and a large school system. After reading the article below concerning the code written for the Affordable Care Act, we need to look at our government in a different light.

And Commie Obama Hat owner BigFurHat has two IOTW posts worth visiting:

Man hacks off own leg because of unaffordable healthcare  (Hint: He is in a communist country)

Wolf Blitzer Wanders Off the Progressive Plantation For a Moment and Pays the Price

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