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Recurring Theme II UPDATED 2x & BUMPED

Our third recent post about an elusive recurring theme.

First post: Recurring Theme, and 2nd post: No Knock Raid.

Canton Ohio Police Officer Daniel Harless is on administrative leave after this video of his June 8 encounter with an Ohio concealed weapon permit holder.

As in our earlier posts, we're withholding our comments. There seems to be a recurring theme, but we just can't put our finger on it. Until we figure it out, we defer to Ann Barnhardt's comments.

Here are 4 of her 7 points:

4. People like this are exactly the type that become brutal enforcers under Marxism. Understand that the politics really wouldn't have anything to do with it. I doubt very seriously that this guy has ever in his life compared and contrasted political systems, or given the least bit of thought to it. If the Obama regime offered this guy free license to beat the crap out of people, and even kill people under the guise of "policing", he would jump at it. It wouldn't matter to him what the regime's politics were - all that would matter to him would be the sanctioned brutality that he could engage in, coupled with the paycheck. It is violence for violence's sake with jerks like this.

5. History clearly shows us that Marxists have NO PROBLEM whatsoever recruiting brutes. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot - these men didn't murder over 100 million people with their own hands. They had ARMIES of "state police" do it for them, and they never were in want of people who were willing to brutalize and slaughter their neighbors. It also bears mentioning that most law enforcement officers in this country are unionized, and thus are already sympathetic to the Marxist grievance-mongers.

6. People think that a Marxist police state could never happen here because "Americans just aren't like that." Baloney. Watch the video above over and over again until you understand. Obama's Gestapo is here, walking among us. All they need is the go-ahead to start terrorizing people, and this cop is the perfect example of that.

7. Obviously, there are good, intelligent, morally upright cops, too. But, history has repeatedly shown that when Marxists unleash their tyranny, those good men either have to flee or are purged.

Good to see this CCW in Canton didn't suffer the same fate as CCW Erik Scott in Las Vegas.

Link to forum discussion at OhioCCW.

Link to Fox News article, just posted.

Another Ushanka Tip to Ann!


Gunblogger and fellow Ohio gun-nut Breda posted this audio of Canton City Council President Allen Shulman.

Our conclusions:

1) Allen Shulman and officer Daniel Harless share the same contempt for citizens who obey the law.

2) Allen Shulman and officer Daniel Harless would prefer an un-armed citizenry.

3) Allen Shulman and officer Daniel Harless have no interest in pursuing drug offenders, prostitutes or other criminals in Canton Ohio, but will go to any lengths to disarm and/or harass concealed carry permit holders.

We're still unsure what this all means. We've sent the video to Ann for any clarity she can offer.

Until Ann replies or posts her opinion, Blog Lost and Found is commenting:

Rather than stand up, acknowledge, and condemn the outrageous behavior of one of your town's officers, you've chosen to circle the wagons and attempt to divert attention away from Officer Harless by whining and complaining about the very people with whom you should be agreeing.

Here is a link to Allen Shulman's law firm.

Here is Allen. Kinda smug look'in if you ask me.


Shulman grabbed the attention of Ohioians for Concealed Carry group with his remarks. They are now demanding his resignation along with officer Harless.

“Over the past several days, the behavior of Harless has been roundly condemned by civil rights leaders, attorneys, law enforcement officers and administrators, law professors, news commentators and ordinary citizens across the country; Schulman, too, has been frequently named,” Ohioans for Concealed Carry said in a statement on its website.

“We are dismayed that city of Canton leaders have not responded to this crisis with the urgency it demands, and that organizations like ours have to call for decisions to be made.”

It is the first time in the group’s 12-year history it has called for the resignation of a public official, said Philip Mulivor, a coordinator for Ohioans for Concealed Carry.

What does a Canton attorney do if he is shamed out of that city? Are there smaller towns to flee to?

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