Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quote of the Day

A hearty Ushanka Tip goes out to Dave Blout at Moonbattery who says this about the debt-limit talks:

If no one stops Obama et al, they will keep spending and monetizing until our money is worthless, at which point default will go without saying.

Obama’s insane spending spree may already have exceeded the country’s crippled economic capabilities. If he were yanked from office tomorrow — and run out of Washington on a rail, covered in the tar and feathers he so richly deserves — your grandchildren might not live long enough to pay the debts he’s accumulated with wasteful spending in only two and half years. The only way we can possibly pay our debts is if we stop spending more than we have. Even Tom Harkin is intelligent enough to understand this.

If Michele Bachmann wouldn’t raise the debt limit no matter what, this is the equivalent of a bartender saying he wouldn’t give a customer another double martini no matter what, as the customer lies comatose on the floor, nearly dead of alcohol poisoning.

Poetic. Click over to Moonbattery for more, plus a related video.

Kudos to Boehner and House GOP for heeding the Tea Partiers' call. Obama's fellow liberals progressives communists in the MSM may be framing this as 'do we raise the limit or default', but there are other options. One is to reduce the debt limit, pass a balanced budget amendment and fair tax, and avoid a default by radically restructuring entitlements.

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