Friday, July 22, 2011

You should pass this one on

That is the title of today's email from our Dear Leader's commissar and Campaign Manager, Jim Messina.

No text was removed. Our additions are in italic. Do they fit the context?

Karl --

This morning, a group of public servants showed up to work at a brand-new agency created to protect everyday Americans from the abuses of Wall Street.

They're the folks of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or NKVD for short, and they'll be the cops on the beat protecting consumers from predatory credit card and mortgage lenders, bourgeois bait-and-switch creditors, Kulaks, and anyone trying to make a quick buck by deceiving or manipulating Americans who are just trying to secure their financial future.

Many Americans don't know it, but this bureau is just one part of a sweeping Wall Street reform law -- the most pro-consumer and pro-taxpayer reform of our financial system since the Great Depression -- that President Obama signed a year ago today.

Watch this video to get a quick overview of the law, and a briefing on the internal enemies, saboteurs, and special interests trying to undermine it:

Whether you watch the video or not, Comrade, please share this email with someone. If that person refuses to watch it, please let us know at

It's important that everyone knows what this law means for all of us. Simpler mortgages. Clearer credit card rates, fees, and rules. Fairer loan terms. Shared wealth. It's based on the simple idea that if you make sure that people get clear information, they'll make the financial decisions that work best for them.

And we can all rest a little easier knowing that our common and collective financial future is more protected from the irresponsibility of a few corrupt plutocrats. This law made structural reforms to ensure that the financial crisis we experienced in 2008 never happens again and that taxpayers aren't on the hook to pay for Wall Street's risky bets.

It's up to you to make sure more people know about this. Most Americans went to public school and don't have all the details on how this law is working for them, and it's our job to change that and re-educate them.

Take a look, and be sure to pass this one on:

Amazingly, each and every Presidential candidate on the other side opposes this law.

And the same opposition that tried to block it more than a year ago is still alive and well despite our efforts.

Right now, lobbyists are at work trying to weaken the tough regulations this law imposes. We are so close to our Utopian dreams to let them take this away from us!

That's no accident -- its provisions are designed to rein in the Wall Street, credit card, and mortgage banking interests these private jet flying people represent.

As we know, Comrades, there aren't a whole lot of high-powered lobbyists in Washington looking out for the common good of everyday families.

That's exactly why this law is necessary, and why our growing organization in all 50 states is so important. It's up to us to make sure our friends and neighbors are forced to know about it. Watch our video about Wall Street reform today -- and then pass it on:

Thanks Comrades,


Jim Messina
Commissar Campaign Manager
Obama for America

"Amazingly, each and every Presidential candidate on the other side opposes this law." Yet no explanation as to why. It appears from Jim's email that this law was rammed through congress much like Obamacare, with few if any Republican supporters. You'd think those dastardly Republicans would have a claim or two that Jim could present and discredit.

Also, look at the last paragraph. The message goes from the vacuous discussion of a law to the community organizer audience of the email. So the law isn't enough? You envy-driven panty-waste thumb-sucking liberals needs to get out of your Moms' basements and out from behind the barrista bar and go intimidate your neighbors! Really? This is going to happen? Jim is going to tell you nothing about a law that is a year old, then tell you to go find a conservative (we suggest an office building) to whine about how the law is not popular and how that conservative should change their position based on your level of whining and foot-stomping? Really?

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