Sunday, July 31, 2011

Los Zetas

There have been some news reports re: Fast and Furious that one of the recipient groups of the 2000+ high-powered weapons allowed by the ATF to go South of the border was the Los Zetas Cartel. This is a group that assassinates mayors and other government officials and is rumored to want to overthrow the Mexican government.

As we've commented before, the efficiency of evil-minded people to destabilize individual freedom and liberty is breathtaking. Ask these ATF agents to do their actual jobs, and you'll get a flood of complaints and foot-dragging: "we don't have the resources", "our mandate is not clear", "but when do we get to burn the children alive?", "but can't we shoot an unarmed mother in the head instead, then promote everyone involved?", etc. But ask them to allow criminals to buy military=style weapons in bulk and it's on!

It was similar in Cambodia. Full city-wide evacuations take weeks when disasters strike. But in an Communist takeover, Pol-Pot was able to clear full cities in a matter of 2 days in what could be called the mother of all redistributions.

What do we do with all these people? Stack their skulls.

The early Fast and Furious stories revolved around drug traffickers, border violence, and two dead US agents. Then we learned weapons were also destined for the communists in Honduras per the US State Department. (If you recall, Honduras legally exiled their president when he turned commie.) And now we hear about the Los Zetas.

Ann Barnhardt considers the intended consequences of this:

The Obama regime wants to effectively dissolve the U.S.-Mexican border. A Los Zetas overthrow would accomplish this. Mexican refugees would flood into the United States. The U.S. would refuse to acknowledge the Los Zetas regime as a legitimate government. The U.N. and other illegitimate criminal syndicates operating as diplomatic fronts would immediately call for the U.S. to accept all Mexican refugees. Because the Mexican government would no longer be legitimate – and essentially would not exist – there would be no way to deport ANY Mexican nationals inside the U.S., because there would be no government in Mexico to hand them back to lawfully.
Soros, and all Marxist-Communist tyrants, are big fans of drugs because drugs keep the rabble (that’s us) dumb, compliant, desperate and dependant on the state. Soros, Jarrett, Obama, Ayers, Sunstein, Piven and all the rest would love nothing more than for the entire American populace to come home every night from a long day at the welfare office, bread line, and drug dispensary, smoke a joint or a blunt, plop down on the sofa and sit transfixed by pornography, circuses and/or state propaganda. This is how the Soviet Union operated except with alcohol. There may not have been food or toilet paper at times in the Soviet Union, but MIRACULOUSLY the vodka would always manage to appear. This basically eliminated the threat of the male populace to the state. It also acted as a silent genocide by causing dramatic increases in early death AND dramatically decreased fertility rates when coupled with state-provided abortion-on-demand. In case you weren’t aware, Russia’s population today is imploding.

Let us add: drugs further help the liberals progressives communists dilute any remaining traditional family and religious values in society. They cannot rule with these intact.

Give this some thought: 2 of the 4500+ ATF agents have come forward as whistleblowers. 0.04%.

Another Ushanka Tip to Ann for taking the lead.

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