Monday, September 15, 2014

Suspend the Constitution? UPDATED and BUMPED

[orig post 9.9.14 11am]

If the disease leaps to this continent, you know suspending the Constitution will be his first impulse.

This morning's Drudge:

While he'll say "all options are open," some options will not "be on the table."  Options such as closing the border, skipping a round of golf, or stopping Ebola patients from entering the country

And I'm not saying certain rights shouldn't be addressed in an outbreak.  Freedom of movement should be debated, and possibly restricted, in such a situation.  I'd prefer a decentralized response: local and state authorities to take the lead in their areas.  History shows that more people die under a centralized authority, such as that of Democrat Governor Kathleen Blanco who barred outside help before and during Hurricane Katrina.  Or Mao.

Suspending rights will be HIS first impulse, just as it is his assumption that he is an expert at everything because he was elected president.  It is as natural for him as breathing is for you and me.  It is our dear leader's core.  It is his purpose.

I'd even go so far as to suggest there are several DHS committees drafting the dear leader's speech rather than actually preparing.  Polishing phrases such as "the risks are too great," and "our great nation must endure," and "the children must be protected," and "I will not rest," and "these are only temporary measures," and "the notion that we, uh, would let this get out of control," and "my administration will have a laser focus," and "as I've, uh, said before," and "we never said it would be easy," and "the FEMA camps are for your protection," and "you will receive a claim ticket for your firearms," and "it has been contained," and "be sure to tell us if a neighbor is sick" and "even Ebola patients must, uh, pay their fair share," and "your bank deposits have been moved to the safety of the Treasury Department."

Did you just call me paranoid?   You do remember who was selling Commie Obama hats waaaaay back in 2007.  Oh, the names I was called then.  And those IRS audits.  I could tell you stories....

Suspending the Constitution is a bit extreme, you say?  Unprecedented?  Just ask Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, or James Evans

Here are the things that I truly fear.  These have nothing to do with the Marxist in the White House, although he could make them worse.

1) Rumor.  Imagine a credible rumor that our water supply is infected with Ebola.

2) Asymmetric.  First-World countries do not crumble under a single event.  Imagine several small  Ebola outbreaks in the US combined with a big event such as a $60T banking crisis or  Russia shooting down a jetliner or Russia invading a neighbor country or a major European debt crisis or a emerging Islamic Caliphate or a mushroom cloud over Tel Aviv or China invading Taiwan or a 30% drop in the stock market or another 9-11-scale attack in the US.

What to do?  This is easy, and it doesn't cost much at all.  Bottled water.

The Karl family sat atop the 1994 Northridge earthquake.  An E-Ticket ride like no other.  It is quite an experience to hear the windows in your home explode all at the same time.  Even better at 4am.

Our condominium complex (photos above) was deemed 'unsafe" (red-tagged) and we had to move.  But for others, most services and utilities were back in a couple days. We first drank all the milk and juice, then the warm sodas and beer.  Hydration was not a problem, but I decided then that I'd have a 2-week supply of water for each family member from that point on.

Earthquakes are local events.  The area was swarmed with first responders, volunteers, friends and families before the dust settled.  And communities came together, bonding and supporting each other through that one shared event. We met neighbors we never knew, like the couple in the unit next to us.  I spent an hour consoling that gay couple next door who were in tears over a broken fish tank. The fish survived, and even with the mess of a 7.4 earthquake I remember being shocked at the beautiful fabrics, furnishings and overall interior designs.

I doubt an Ebola outbreak in the US is even possible.  But I also doubt communities will bond during an outbreak.  I doubt the stores will stay open.  I doubt anyone will respond to a 911 call, let alone answer.  And I doubt I'm going to lose any sleep over it.  I just wish we had competent and trustworthy people in government who respected the Constitution.

14 gallons per person.  Do it now.

If you want to spend more, consider precious metals.

Thanks for the link, Western Rifle.  Always an honor! 

UPDATED and BUMPED 9.15.14 12:30pm:

Today's Drudge Headline:

Also linked by Drudge: InfoWars article: U.S. State Department Orders 160,000 Ebola Hazmat Suits

Shall we call this Stage Two Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS)?

UPDATED 9.15.14 4pm:

ZH has the ODS: 20% Chance Of Ebola In USA By October; 277,124 Global Cases By Year-End, Model Predicts
There’s a roughly 25 percent chance Ebola will be detected in the United Kingdom– and as much as an 18 percent chance it will turn up in the U.S. – by the end of September, the analysis of global mobility and epidemic patterns shows. The new paper includes the top 16 countries where Ebola is most likely to spread.
As to the 14 days of water:  Why 14 days?
Because that gives you 14 days to figure out where you'll get the water you need for day #15.

UPDATED 9.15.14 5pm:

Western Rifle has posted a list of things to buy in preparation for an outbreak - with Amazon links.


Robert What? said...

I'll tell you what *won't* happen: they won't focus on the groups that are most likely to be transmitting and/or carrying it. They won't even stop them from coming into the country. Because all that will be considered racist. So they *will* act as if everyone in the country is an equal risk. Heck, they might even quarantine Tea Party members first.

Karl said...

If past actions serve as a guide, one must agree with your prediction.

An afterthought to my post: If Obama told the nation that 100 people in a town were infected, and another 1000 quarantined in caution, would you:
a) believe him that it was limited to 100?
b) ask who those 1000 were? Perhaps tea partiers, or critics of the administration, as you say?

Rahm said "Don't let a crisis go to waste." I would expect our dear leader to follow that advice to the letter.

Thanks for the comment Comrade Robert!

Dave said...

The Comrade General Secretary challenges you all:

Anonymous said...

Hmmm someone has already been thinking these things:
Anonymous said...

VA scandal, Obamacare, IRS scandal, Benghazi scandal…

What’s a president to do with a critical midterm on the horizon and even your own party heading for the exits? Why not go back to the play book from 2008 and ride into office on the back of a Rahm Emmanuel serious crisis? Get everyone panicked and distracted from the scandal de jour of the week and onto the biggest shinny squirrel there is.

So let’s say that the crisis is upon the country and people have stopped thinking about all the scandals and throwing comrades out of office, what is the best way to exploit it Expect them to blame someone besides themselves for the scandal, with freedom being on the top of their list as what will need to e curtailed in the crisis, albeit temporarily of course

A). Delay the Election
‘Bev’ Perdue floated this trial balloon previously, so it’s nothing to resurrect it now an take care of the immediate threat to Democrat power. Pretend to plead with the people for a little bit of time to take care of the danger and the Repubs can have their precious midterms when it is more appropriate and not In the middle of a emergency.

B). Spread the wealth around
A top priority for any Marxist, and the country in dire straits would make it imperative, not to mention a great way to encourage the Dem masses to turn out to vote themselves some nifty loot that the party has liberated from the evil rich.
I Cancellation of debt
First of all we have a cancellation of debt for certain deserving persons like union members, students and the like. It won’t even take a phone, with the sweep of a pen, trillions can be transferred.
II Nationalize 401k’s
Is it fair that some should have all that money socked away while others are suffering?
III Tax those savings!
By the same token, why should some have all that money saved away in the bank in an emergency. We are all in one collective lifeboat, and all will have to sacrifice – some more than others.
C). Amnesty/Citizenship
Lookie here we got all these people streaming over the open border. A mini crisis that begs for those invaders to be made whole. An emergency would be a good time to add a few million new Democratic voters to the rolls so when we are finally forced to have elections it’ll be a foregone conclusion.
D). Raise taxes!
Someone has to pay for all the goodies – it might as well be those rich people who don’t vote Democrap.
E). Government takeovers of some critical industries.
The Dems want no more guns to their foes in the repub and tea parties so why not take over the gun industry and run it into the ground Amtrack style. Same thing with the evil oil companies to pave the way for clean power by unicorn farts.

Anonymous said...


F). Push though single payer socialized medicine.
The Dems will want thing to be more fair for all. They’ll start up those death panels at the same time during al the crisis confusion

G). Martial law/Constitution suspension/Gun confiscation.
We’re talkin a big confusing crisis here with most voters watching dancing with the stars to know what is going on, so why not?
Shoot for the moon they’ll say.

H). Of course, with the constitution suspended who will keep the local system in line without the bureaucracy?

Easy, Obama civilian security for that is just a funded and powerful as the military

I). Another Stimulus
It’s likely they will try this as well to spread some wealth around to …themselves.

Bottom line, they’re going to throw whatever they can up against the wall and see what sticks.

Robert What? said...

Wasn't the Constitution suspended already?