Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Would This Headline Shock You?

Or are you now just rolling with the punches?

Catherine the Great (Karl's better half) is a student of history too.  And she recalls from her studies of the Spanish Flu that elections were postponed during that outbreak.

The November 2014 elections, only 49 days away, are cautiously predicted to be a Republican blow-out.  Or, more accurately, a clear "no confidence" vote for the current regime.

If I were a) dishonest, b) power hungry with communist inspirations, and c) convinced I could get away with it - aka a Democrat - I too would postpone cancel the elections in the name of safety.

I think this one rates a Stage 3 ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome).  I explored Stage 2 in my original Ebola post: Suspend the Constitution?.

Want to take a stab at defining Stage 4 in the comments below?

Personally, I still think this is a bunch of noise that will peter out.  I hope you will join me in a couple months for a hearty laugh.

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Paul Bonneau said...

For the rulers to continue ruling, it is crucial that the peons continue to believe that the peons are steering the ship, through elections. They aren't of course; we live in an oligarchy. But the continued belief in the government religion is of maximum importance, from the ruler's point of view. Thus elections will be the last thing that are dispensed with. They will keep them until the bloody end.

As to Obama and Ds vs Rs, that is all for show. Two wings on the same bird of prey.

GamegetterII said...

I doubt the elections will be postponed/cancelled-it's way too obvious-even some of those from the land of rainbows and unicorns would get their panties in a bunch.
Now,if the ebola was combined with some other disaster-one that's actually believable-then maybe the left would have the nads to try it.
It would be the only way the Dems remained in control of the Senate-but that control doesn't really mean all that much-both parties are full of scum-sucking pieces of excrement only interested in enriching themselves at the expense of the rest of us peons.

Anonymous said...

The irony of all this is that whoever remains in control would have a constituency that is either deceased, or in the process of becoming one of the deceased. Tell me just how these scum-sucking pieces of excrement will enrich themselves on rotting corpses?

Anonymous said...

Ebola would have to move very fast and time is running out, but there is always an October Surprise. So who knows, other than The "O"?

Population Reduction is a major goal of the NWO so maybe some Ebola in 2015/16 or WWIII.

Psychos rule in the USSA, Putin by comparison looks somewhat sane, the Chicoms are willing to kill millions
of their own people and the Moosies are well Moosies, probably the original psychopaths.