Saturday, September 13, 2014

Quote of the Day

Wirecutter on the Adrian Peterson indictment:
Motherfuckers nowadays condemn a parent for disciplining their kids and in the same breath wonder why kids have no fucking respect.
  Photo from TMZ:

Up is down in the NFL, and wrong is right.

They're busy making players wear pink shoes, sitting on the Ray Rice assault for months, and diluting the game with new rules on hitting.  Yet a man disciplines his son and a felony indictment and game suspensions come faster than a 2-count snap.

I cancelled cable in 2009 and I still haven't looked back.  They aren't getting $0.01 from me.

UPDATED 9.15.14 1pm:

The Telegraph: Backing for Condoleezza Rice to take over scandal hit NFL

The NFL is not worthy.  Even if they give her full authority to fix their problems I see her being pulled down in the muck of political correctness.  However - and few know this -Ms. Rice is a true football fan and is the logical and best pick IF they want problems actually fixed.

Call me selfish, but Ms. Rice is my #1 draft pick for 2016.

UPDATED 9.15.14 1:30pm:

Lonely Libertarian posted this related pic:

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