Sunday, September 28, 2014

The End of the World?

I don't think so.

Excellent video.  An attempt to summarize the problems we face today.  But let me offer some optimism, some perspective, some corrections, and my own suggestions:

1) Pollution:  The air is cleaner now than it was.  30-40 years ago we had lakes and rivers that caught fire.  Communities that were destroyed.  Smog that choked Los Angeles.  Not today. Why?  Well, I have to give the original environmentalists an Ushanka Tip.  Before becoming the foot soldiers of the Communist Party, these early hippies directed our attention to real atrocities.  In the end, it was some necessary nudges from government that directed innovation and the private sector to fix these problems.  The problem today: too much environmental regulation.

2)  Police Corruption:  There is a small percentage of police officers and agencies that are destroying the reputations of all.  This deserves attention, but it is wrong to paint them all with this broad brush.  The blogs and other elements of the new media are doing a great job at directing attention to the problems.  If allowed to continue, I am optimistic public pressure will lead to less no-knock raids, less veterans murdered, less dogs shot, less children harmed, less ridiculous over-reactions.

3) "Everyone is Medicated.  Agree.  See Captain Capitalism's video on this topic.

4) Religion.  It is insincere to say "I'll kill you" without specifying the only 'religion' that inspires death.  BTW, Islam is not a religion.  It is a totalitarian political movement. 

5) Profit.  It is not evil.  It is key to a capitalist society and deserves all the credit for our amazing standard of living in the US, and the improvements across the globe.  The criticism should be communist demonization of capitalism driven by envy and resentment.  And the praise should be innovation, the entrepreneurial spirit, and the work ethic that continues to make the US the model for all others:

6) Solution.  He starts with "Love."  A good start.  Let me address this from an rabid anti-communist perspective:  Traditional Family and Religious Values.  It is their (Democrats') goal to dilute these two core principles.  Family values start with two loving parents.  Specifically, a man and a woman.  And by religious values I mean values from the Judeo-Christian realm.  This doesn't mean one should be a bible-thumper.  But it does mean you don't attend Jeromiah Wright's church of hate, or cling to any other psuedo-religion.

Your thoughts?

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