Friday, September 19, 2014

The Democrat Party Core

The Liberals Progressives Communists in the Democrat Party are all about the children control.

Control is necessary for those who govern with a zero-sum belief: that one must lose for the other to gain.

Daily Caller:

New York City councilman and State Assembly shoo-in Charles Barron has reiterated his admiration of dictators

Barron has expressed support for dictators around the world, including Libyan dictator Muammar el-Quaddafi and Cuba’s former president Fidel Castro.

He told the Observer, “All my heroes were America’s enemies.”

Barron is expected to beat his Republican opponent for a New York Assembly seat handily. The Observer reports that he is running to replace his wife in the Assembly, who in turn is replacing him as city councilman.

Charles Barron is only saying what more cautious and intelligent Democrats keep to themselves.

Will Barron help one constituent without using his zero-sum math?  Will he ever support a solution that does not include redistribution?

One theory I've shared over the years in the Obama-is-a-Commie debate is that Obama is the first of two.  That he is the setup guy.  The slippery slope guy.  Soft.  Non-threatening.  Platitudes.  Someone who lays the groundwork for a Communist state and a future tyrant with things like ObamaCare, crushing debt and diluted values.  It is just a theory - until proven true.  If it does indeed continue to play out that way, look to dictator-loving Democrats like Charles Barron as the next final wave of leaders.  And remember...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Condoleezza Rice:

U/T: FB Comrades for both news and Condi quote.


Robert What? said...

I fully expect Obama not to step down in January of 2017. Some "national crisis" or something, real or manufactured. (More likely the latter.) Hopefully I'm just being unnecessarily paranoid.

Karl said...

I hope you're being paranoid too.

I remember thinking the same of Clinton. He bombed two countries to distract from his intern issue and retain power. That was a sign to me that he had some moral flexibility when it came to his stay in the white house.

I can't ever trust these guys with a "D" after their name, so I'm going to just have to let them prove me wrong instead.