Friday, September 26, 2014

Intellectual Froglegs: In Person

Catherine the Great and I met with Mr. Intellectual Froglegs in an undisclosed location for a pre-2014 election strategy session. 

While the particulars are still top secret, we did agree that between the Democrats and Republicans, the Republicans suck less.  So, in case you were on the fence this year, now you know.  Vote Republican.

The "FU" on his hat stands for Froglegs University.

Some other things I learned today:  Avoid his YouTube channel.  This intellectual giant has had content removed by that commie site.  Yes, the same site that allows videos of be-headings.  I have corrected the Ushanka blogroll to direct fellow comrades to the Intellectual Froglegs website, where you can view his videos, access his articles, view selected videos, sign up for his newsletter, and even access his music library.

Like YouTube, others have tried to muzzle this man's opinions and control his message.  He has resisted and overcome these parasites through the generous donations of his fans, the the buyers of authentic Intellectual Froglegs gear.

This man is going places.  Be sure to follow him now so you can someday tell your grandchildren, "I knew him back in the Days of Hardship."

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