Monday, September 22, 2014

Chicago: 2 Dead, 31 Wounded

Just another weekend in Rahm "Don't let a crisis go to waste" Emanuel's anti-gun Democrat-controlled city.

A month ago Antonio Smith was shot and killed by four gang members who mistook him as a lookout for a rival gang.  Antonio was 9.  This is the big story this weekend as the four are arrested and charged with first degree murder.  Story w/ video: WGN.

But you may recall, Gov. Pat Quinn abolished capital punishment back in 2011. 

Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton are on their way to lead the outrage.

On the bright side, winter is coming and the cold weather will save lives. 

Rahm will declare a major drop in crime and buy himself another year.

And according to Second City Cop, the rumor today is Commissioner McCarthy may be leaving.  It is good to see someone be held accountable, but his departure will mean nothing for Chicago's citizens.

Map Source: NBC

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