Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Evening Cigar

Rocky Patel Edge Sumatra

I'm reading my 4th book on the gold standard.  This one is the best so far, and I wish I had started with this one.  In fact, I'd argue that this book is the most thorough of them all and it stands alone in answering most of the questions about the gold standard.  I'm almost done with it and have three more to go before I'll consider myself worthy of sharing an opinion on the subject.

What I can share now is this: there are multiple "gold standards," and they all have their pros and cons.  For anyone thinking this is easy, they haven't done their homework.

This one is Economics of a Pure Gold Standard by Professor Mark Skousen, from 2010. 170 pages.

Speaking of gold, I posted my 5th Precious Metals video today.  Just an update on the Silver to Gold ratio, plus some other topics that I wanted to share.

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Link to my slides


sth_txs said...

Well, with a gold standard, whatever variation that may be, it would be a hell of a lot harder for government to hand out free stuff and poke its nose in places we don't belong anyway.

I'm for a free market in money. It is laughable the communist at the Chicago school can't seem answer why the market can't provide with a choice of monetary systems.

I'm still waiting for those freedom loving Republicans to do something about this.

Too bad the feds shutdown that Liberty Dollar guy and stole people's silver backed currency.

Karl said...

I'm just learning about the damage of the Chicago School fools. Absolutely amazing their ideas aren't laughed off the economic stage - especially with the history we have to learn from.

You know it'd be in the interest of those "freedom-loving Republicans," if they had a spine. Until one steps up, we'll have to count on the Libertarians to educated the masses of this travesty. If it isn't obvious, I'm carrying this baton as well.

The credit for my recent dive into monetary policy all goes to Libertarians. They said it, I'm researching it. I hope I find some GOLD at the end of this research rainbow, instead of the empty Doritos bags I find when exploring some of their other ideas...