Sunday, July 27, 2014

And.... It's gone!

Found at Pat Dolard's site:

Video below.  Imagine MSNBC's reporting as you watch:

Anchor:  There is smoke on the rooftop.  Can anyone tell what that is?  Did the Jews bomb the roof of that building?

Producer - speaking in earpiece:  Go with that.  We're thinking it was a Hamas rocket launched off the roof, but there is no proof of that.  It could be a Jew smoke grenade, or something more sinister.

Anchor:  Well, we don't know exactly what the source of the smoke is, yet.  It appears Israel has singled out this apartment building.  Or is it a day care center or a...   WHOA!  Did you see that?  Israel just bombed that day care center! There must have been hundreds of children playing in there!  Oh, the humanity!  We need another cease fire!!

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